Willen en verlangens

It makes not much sense to move with that part of our humanity which is sort of toxic in its wanting.

If you listen and allow you are being born to something much greater….you are being born into pure will. That listening that comes from a deeper place than just that wanting which never stops wanting, it always wants more. That is a different stream it is not the stream of your life.

So there is something about knowing the difference between the deeper voice of you and than that which is just some service attempt of some kind of constant….i could call it like a gratification. Like an ego gratification.

The whole system is put together by all of the ways in which we avoiding our deep rest. All of the ways in which we are judging all of those parts that reveals the moment we allow our deep rest……….i just call it just the pain of your own selfrejection.

That causes this smoke of wanting…….it causes desire and anger….

Desire and anger what pushes the wheels in this world…

Bron: Aisha Salem

Living the Passion of You

It has nothing to do with Reality…….