Third level Meditation

Third Level Meditation LCUPCD

Imagine Inside You a Qi person with pores functioning as the membranesystem. Organize a Qi Field.

Mind from inside with our Qi field integrated. Inside the Qi Field we have a Qi Person having no organs, having pores as the whole membranesystem.

Inside the Qi person, pores into the Body Qi Field.
Mind stays inside the Qi field

Pulling in: Inside of Body qi Field the qi Goes through the pores to deep inside……
Qi Person…expansion from the person.

Qi person absorbing like contraction.

Improving the membranesystem of the body.

Organzing the qi Field. Receiving different levels of powerfull of dr. Pang and the ZNQG energy field all over the world. We are also receiving all different positive good iformation from different sytems, grandmasters all over the world.. Bring all this information into our qi field. Let this information with our Qi field working together to improve our health, opening the wisdom getting great progress.

Allow the Light Qi Ball. The Mind , Vision goes through the light qi ball, entering centre of space of light qi ball.

Draw the hearing, smelling, tasting, body sensations, feelings all inward in centre of space of light qi ball deep inside.

Mind getting clear and quiet. Mind inside centre of light qi ball. Focussing the Mind from center of head SHINING SEEING through the whole body from head tof eet., from inside to outside., relaxed quiet.

Imagine the fysical body transforms into Qi, integrate harmonise with our Body Qi Field as One. Mind with Body qi Field integrated as One.

Feeling your Body qi Field, front, Back,Left, Right, Above & Under the Feet.

Mind induce your whole Body Qi field expanding out. Imagine your Body qi Field getting large. To inegrate harmonise with our Group Body Qi Field as one.

Our Group each friend’s Body Qi Field with the whole Body qi Field of the group transforming merging uniting into one Big Body Qi Field

Together, heart to heart, mind to mind induce our Group Body Qi Field.

Imagine Our Group Body Qi Field getting large. Continueing expanding out.

Up tot he sky to center of the universe connect tot he center of the black hole in the universe there is dark abundant Qi. Also down through the earth Qi Field connect center of Qi under the earth , from left, right front back expanding out to beyond the horizon into the whole universe.

Merging, integrating and harmonised with the whole ZNQG Hun Yuan Qi Field.

Imagine our Qi Field all around the whole world. Imagine our Qi Field also connect inegrate harmonise with Dr. Pang Ming and all the ZNQG masters, teachers, practioioners Qi Field integrate harmonised as Oneness.

Imagine dr. Pang Ming standing in front of us. Guiding us to practise. Also sending different levels, powerfull information toe ach of us.

Our Qi Field to each of us.

Our Qi Field is one, working for healing progress and opening up the wisdoms Qi Field.

Our Qi Field follows the information of the intention and is working perfectly with YYT integrate with the whole Hun Yuan Qi Field.

We are conciously receiving positive powerfull information from Dr. Pang Ming, ZNQG masters, teachers and different systems and grandmasters. Conciously gathering absorbing the abundant qi with different levels of powerfull information from the whole universe all directions into our group Body Qi Field.

Bring the abundant Qi with different levels of powerfull information all the way coming into our Group Qi Field.

Our Group Qi Field as one Qi Ocean. We are in the Qi. Thinking deep inside of You.

Thinking your own Body qi Field.

Mind coming inside of your own Body Qi Field, there is a Qi Person. All the pores and gates of the qi Person opening up.

Mind induce Qi, go through the pores the gates of the Qi person. Inside your Body qi field to deep inside.

Feeling inside of You and our Group Qi field.. Hun yuan qi is plentyfull.

Different levels, good information are powerfull. Our qi Field is One, working for healing improving health for progressing and opening wisdom.

Hun Yuan Qi. With our Qi Field following our intention working perectly. Focussing Mind deep inside the Qi Person., inside of the Body qi field.

Expanding out, feeling the abundant Qi through inside the qi Person along the pores goes out into our body qi field. Our Body Qi field expanding out getting large and large.

Same as our Group Body qi Field. You are the Group Qi field. Group Body Field is You. We are One in the Qi. Quiet.

Focussing Mind inside the Qi Person., inside of your Body Qi field. Integrate with the qi person. Imagine the Qi Person inside the Body qi field.