Giving your fear of dying a Hug?!

Een mooi stukje uit een talk van Aisha Salem Living the Passion of You

We have a load of edges to cross wherin we are going to meet our fear of dissolution. Our fear of that dissolution. Our fear of death. But i would really like to invite you to give that death one big hug. Because you can really establish a wonderfull relationship with death. And that relationship with death it needs to be as profound and as intimate as your relationship with life.

When we tell ourselves we want life that is basically when we plant that seed of that someone who refuses to exhale. When we do that we can cause a lot of life but we will have NO ABILITY to BE TRUE in that life.

Because we will we denying the silence…..and the happening of silence which awaits inside of our inner death all of that which has nothing to do with the life which is being born in truth.