Experience Your Body Qi Field

There is One Teacher which is the whole group taking care of the Qi Field.

To stand is to experience our Body Qi Field.

Standing Meditation: Relax & Quiet.

Looking forward: Focussing vision & mind on 1 point…untill the daily activities of the mind conciousness stops.

Within the Mind knowing one single Intention. Bring the vision inward in the center of the head. Slowly & Gently.

Draw vision inward, into the center of the head, center of the brain, the Home of Mind.

To look at there, smelling, listening, feeling, experiencing there. In the center of the head there is a deep, large, pure, even and clear and transparent space. Deep Quiet. As Pure Blue Sky.

Focussing the Mind, entering the center of space SHINING and SEEING through the whole body, SHINING through the brain, whole brain blood vessels & nerves. Relax and transforms into Qi.

Mind passing through the whole brain out merging with the eyes, eyeballs, relax, noise, relax, breathing naturally, mind expanding out merging with the ears relax, mouth, teeth, tongue, throath, neck, all transparent transformed into Qi,relax.

Follow Mind, SHINING through the inner organs,lungs, heart, stomach, intestines, liver, gallblatter, spleen pancreas, kidneys, blatter, sexual organs. All transparent all transformed into Qi and relaxed.

Focussing center of Mind from center of your expanding out, merging with the whole skeleton, headbones, spine, neck vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae, shoulder blades, chestbone, ribs, collar bones, down lumbar vertebrae, sacrum, tailbone, pelvis all transparent become Qi and relax.

Mind expands out integrates and harmonises. with marrow and bones of the legs, hips, thighs, kneejoints, lower legs, ankle joints, upper arms, elbow joints, feet, toes, shoulder joints, upperarms,elbow joints, forearms, wrists, hands, fingers. The whole skeleton transparents transforms into Qi and relaxed.

Full Mind induce Qi from center of body, expanding out, passing through the ligaments, tendons, bloodvessels, muscles, skin. All they are transparent transformed into energy into Qi, relax. Integrate harmonised with full mind continue expanding out into the space to merging harmonising with your own Body Qi Field. Thinking the space 1 meter above, below, to the sides, left right, front & backward.

Expanding up to top of bottom into the space, down through soles of feet into Mother Earth.

Mind is integrated and harmonised with our own whole Body Qi Field into a oneness. Really to feel and experience that. The fysical body as the yellow part of the egg, our Body Qi Field as the white part of the egg. and the white and nature.

Our Mind as the Ocean. The Body as the Sponge.

Our Mind & Qi as the water in the ocean., our Qi Field also as the ocean, body as the sponge. Use the concious awareness ability of Yi Yuan Ti. Always be conciously aware, our Body Qi Field is integrated, harmonised with the fysical body into a wholeness.

Induce our Body Qi Field, expanding out from full direction into our group qi field, to experience that. Meditate your Body Qi Field with each friends Body Qi Field of our group merging uniting, integrating transforming into one group body energy field. You will feel your qi body getting large and big. Think our Body Qi Field. Expanding out merging and harmonising into One.

We become one body Qi Field.

Feeling the Body Qi Field is your Body Qi Field. We are one in the Qi. Feeling very large and big touching the Sky, standing on Earth.

Our Body Qi Field is integrated and harmonised with the Qi Field of Mother Earth& Father Heaven. With everything in the Universe.

The Universal Qi Field becomes our Body Qi Field. Our group Qi Field also harmonises integrated with all practitioners, teachers, masters and dr Pang’s Qi Field as One.

With all human beings on the planet qi field as one. Always be conciously aware this is your BODY QI FIELD.

Meditation based on this state on this state of life qi field and the mind to do the practise. We are together to do the meditation.

From bottom of your heart set up an intention what result you want.

Trust, believe all functions are returned to normal all kind of sicknesses dissolved transformed and dissapeared.